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PRICE.  We are your source for everything floor care.  Carpet cleaning technology changes, and fads (and frauds) come and go! We offer the best cleaning equipment on the market at the absolute lowest price.  Don't be fooled by the claims of Big Box retailers .  They don't always offer "Low Prices."  We carefully monitor retail sources and are shocked at how some retailers offer outdated and even discontinued equipment, at similar prices to the new stuff.  Even worse, some inflate their prices before artificially reducing them at huge discounts to fool customers into thinking their getting a great deal. We don't do this.  We offer the same products for less money and our low price guarantee is in writing.

QUALITY. A common practice that is too common these days is for manufacturers to take a name brand product, and cheapen it's construction and sell it at a lower price while letting customers think they are getting the "same thing".  This is very common on "TV" shopping programs, where you can't actually compare them to their better made retail versions.  When they say "This offer is not available in stores", there is a reason for it! Don't be fooled. Let us show you the differences.  On the retail versions, you'll often find heavier gauge wiring, better quality parts and much, much better warranties. We service what we sell and we know the difference.

SERVICE. Service after the sale? Most retailers don't even carry the basic supplies needed to maintain the products they sell.  And the ones they do carry, are often inferior "knock-offs"  that will void your manufacturers warranty. We offer approved supplies for the equipment we sell, as well as, for nearly every major brand.  We are also East Texas' only factory warranty service center Dyson, Oreck, Riccar, Miele and most other major brands. Whatever brand of cleaner you have, we offer a free estimate to repair it and all repairs come with a warranty.

KNOWLEDGE. Many customers have a preconceived notion of what brands of vacuums are high quality.  After many years in the business, and after repairing many vacuums over the years, we have a more cynical view of vacuum quality.  We find that many brands usually known to make good machines, also occasionally produce poor ones. Our advice is to do a little research before picking a vacuum from the department store clearance bin, just because it is a "Brand X."  When we know a vacuum cleaner is a bad design, we avoid selling it, no matter who makes it! Unfortunately, most manufacturers aren't willing to admit their mistakes and continue to produce machines long after they know there is a problem, simply because they have too much invested in the design.  Sprague's can help you navigate through the brands and the models, and avoid these lemons. 

SELECTION.  We carry a large selection of vacuum brands and models to fit the needs of every home or office.  Plus, as a warranty center for most brands, we have access to hundreds more products not stocked in our store. In addition to Oreck, Dyson, Miele, Riccar, Maytag, Eureka upright vacuums, canister vacuums, and built in central vacuums we carry floor steamers, carpet cleaning extractors, air cleaners by Austin Air and Oreck, carpet and pet stain products, and Dyson fans and heaters and much more.  Unlike the box store retailers, you can try them out before you buy it.  You can feel it. You can test them and compare the cleaning performance on any brand side by side!  Don't accept the manufacturers inflated claims and slick marketing. Try it and see it for yourself!

And when it comes to selection, you'll also find a few common products absent from our store. The reason?  We prefer to sell reliable machines that can be serviced, and avoid selling equipment that we don't want to have to constantly repair. If you have questions about any brand or model, don't hesitate to call us for our honest opinion based on experience with nearly every cleaning product on the market.

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